S. A. Shipley's "StarCrossed" "Portrays the best part of Shakespearian wit with a prequel twist."--Anon.


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 "StarCrossed"By S.A. Shipley 2005 All rights reserved "StarCrossed"(the prequel to "Romeo & Juliet"), a hot blooded and wildly romantic perspective on the ancient feud. With bawdy humor and extraordinary consequences, the play relates the adventures of the libertine DiSenna and his incestuous passion for his twin sister, Catherine. When Catherine is seduced by the thief, Capulet, lives hang in the balance as love, fortune, and honor are risked on the turn of a card, the edge of a sword. A tale of friendships gone awry and unforgivable acts committed in the name of love.

"... a bawdy work of seamless storytelling, intricate and deeply empathetic characters...If you swoon for Shakespeare, love, or the language of either, you should not miss this play. "  Phoenix Review (more)
"...Hartgraves and Shipley have created a story that simultaneously makes one recall the timeless appeal of Shakespeare's tragedy and marvel at the inventiveness and ingenuity ... " - SF Station review (more)

"...cleverly borrows from a number of Shakespeare's plays to explain the background of the Montague-Capulet family feud...Writing in rhymed iambic pentameter, Shipley borrows creatively from other Shakespeare works ("Othello," Falstaff) and a bit of Boccaccio for a story of romantic rivalries and erotic complications that cast Romeo and Juliet's future in a titillating new light." -  San Francisco Chronicle


About the production in Los Angeles at  The Attic Theatre
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About the production in San Francisco
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Director's Notes (Jeffery Hartgraves)
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About the world premiere production at The Players Ring
Phoenix Review
SeaCoast Interview
Producer Evie Jones notes

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