S. A. Shipley's "StarCrossed" "Portrays the best part of Shakespearian wit with a prequel twist."--Anon.


StarCrossed - a scene

ACT I Scene 3
A street in Verona.
They are playing Lucky Sevens. They gamble. A few turns of the dice or cards.

The cards do turn against me one more time.
Itís clear whose fortune rides the ladyís back.

Take here this loan. I'll hold your marker to't.

I'm in your debt tonight Friend Capulet.

I'll make you pay that marker soon enough.

It comes to me for money loves myself.

Although fair Cosette loves someone else?

Although that stings my eye, it touch me not

LAWRENCE God bless us all and give us lasting love.

Ay fortune teller, do you see a bride
As does befit my station? She must be
Artless and amiable; chaste and pure.
Between friend Capulet and rogue DiSen'
There is no woman clean enough for me.
I'll have to go abroad to find the one
Whose intimates these two have never seen

It's cleanliness you like, I like large breasts.

I like a selfless soul with a pure heart.

There is no organ I prize more than ears.
For beauty, they've a faint blush, like a rose.
And, unlike eyes, a diamond's all the tear
They every hold and, best, they never close.
Into this cockle pour a tale of woes,
Of how I have longed for her from afar.
She was too good for me, I did suppose
And then I tell her, frankly, of the scar
When love for her pierced through my stony heart
Then she may turn her back and knot her arms,
Whilst I compare her beauty to a star
And whisper out a litany of her charms.
I pour this molten music 'til she begs.
Yes, ears are best for parting of the legs.

You, having ruined all the maidens here,
Have made Verona barren ground indeed.
I'll have to go outside the city walls
To find a virtuous woman of mine own.

My plan is simple, find a doweried maid,
Seduce her into folly then propose
Make her an honest woman and wed wealth.

Yes, you and I are truly fortune's rogues
We know the truth: all can be bought and sold.
For me, the choice of woman is quite clear
They're willing or I do not count them dear.

Not I. With my romantic heart I still
Believe that love's swift arrow find it's mark
And in that instant one's both lost and found.

Who can a virtuous woman find today?
Her price is above rubies and the heart
Of her husband doth safely trust in her.

Montague, I know of such an angel!

If you know her she's not an angel still.

We all would know if such a jewel reside
Within Verona's walls. She could not hide.

As close to me as skin is close to skin.

No castaways of yours are fit for me.

No, only those of mine will do for you.

I seek a woman who is pure and chaste.

This one is both, most excellent and pure.
This woman never will be chased by me.

She's either toothless or contagious then.

Behold my stainless sister, Catherine.

Your knock kneed twin the match for Montague?
You jest -

She has an ancient pedigree.
And doweried as might please even you.
So Montague you must petition first
'Fore Capulet has any chance to woo.

To match distinguished Montague with that
Ungraceful child. He thought you were his friend.

We know yon Capulet has got a taste
For women far above his lowly state
He plans to rise above his birth and lack
Of wealth upon some nubile titled back.
Upon the beast with two backs he may ride
But not to have my sister for his bride.

'Tis true I fall in love more easily
With maidens who have assets, some unseen.
But cannot stoop so low your flat front sib
Could ever, of my household, be the queen.

DiSENNA draws his sword.

Hold off! That is my sister whom you mock.

Put up your sword and let me pardon beg.
She is a beauty true and rare and I
Revere our brotherhood so dear that she
Will be a sister to me too. So Sir
(to Montague)
She must be yours as having her would be
Incestuous to me -

Cap does decline
A dowered virgin, and you say she's pure.
And you, her brother, never will pursue.
A maid who, when I have her, will be mine.
And if she isn't beautiful I can
O'er look the fault in favor of the honor.

You'll find no fault in her. They keep her hid,
Ensuring her betrothal fit her rank.

What of free choice and mandates of the heart?

Tíwas her misfortune that she is a maid.

But if you represent her well, her luck
Is good. For to my home and hearth she will
Bring light. And to her I shall bring a heart
And all the comforts my estate allow.

I remember her gapped teeth and nose -

And haystack hair no comb could tame.

Ah you and I recall the dear the same.

T's time for ripening. If she shall be
The fruit of summer harvest I shall reap.
I'll brother you, Adore. I like you well
For in your words I've always found good sense.

Iíve set my mind to see Catírina now
How she has grown and if she be the one
To grace my heart and home.

DiSennaís sister's but a knee skinned child.
All arms and elbows and her hair is wild.
She has not charms, or ways to trap a heart

That I can have what you can never have,
So you must say; you want it not at all.

I make a jest of things I do not know
What charms she has are all unknown to me
And shall forever be -

Come, letís away
To make transactions. Me to meet my prize.
Her dowry to be sized.


CAPULET Come stand the watch for me, I'll scale the wall.
Before old Montague has made his suit.
And find out if that sister, once, for all
Be worthy of the breath of my pursuit..

Capulet exits pulling a reluctant Lawrence after him.


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